03.3.18 oh gosh -- hello ! !
there have been a smattering of little updates up to now, but finally, a larger update ? (/ ; ; )

in the process of downsizing and preparing for a mpa ! so far, persians, hexed cats, and miniature cats have been updated -- if you'd like, everyone in these sections has their personal pages back, though still a little sparse ! (/ ; ; \)

10.08.18 more new faces ;;; lot s of new faces-
also fixed a download link,
and rotated some new petz into the front room ! ///

08.24.18 new faces in alleys, b+ws, chinchies, oshies, tabbies, and poodles ! also, added a new page for minis -- but not all new pets uploaded yet, ah ! (/ ; ; ) also, working on a page for selective breeds-
06.07.18 it's ? ? been a terribly long time ? ?
(/ ;;; ;;; \)
in the process of updating crew pages, and building up to responding to messages - especially concerning birdcat chinchies and outstanding adoptions
I'm terribly sorry for creating such a wait, and hope everyone is as well as possible ! !
07.20.17 big mpa currently underway at Whiskerwick!
ahh, lots of images currently broken due to Photobucket changes (wishing everyone streng th!!),
but added some new picture frames and music to downloads! ;;
02.11.17 happy late new years!! (/ ; ; \) oh gosh, been very busy
but slowly working through pages?? Calicos and B+Ws are now up to date!

10.28.16. it's almost?? Halloween?? (/ ; ; \) boy howdy!!
updated a bunch of crew pages, though not everything is up to date !
very large mpa is still in the works aa a a;;;

08.09.16. refurbished the layout after an accidental resizing via Photobucket, added the "misc" section to host downloadable files, and added 2-3 new cat files to the archive! Also cleaning up and organizing links, very much hope alphabetical is alright!!
໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७
have so very many new pets -- currently working on getting everyone up, and rethinking page structures -- mpa should be very soon!!
~ 2015 ~
11.15.15. Pet pages all up to date, and hex archive is finally online! Now to make a page for mpas (/ ; ; \)
11.15.15. Been trying hard to move the bulk of my crew to petz 4, but almost ready to start updating pages! ; ; Some pages will be broken/outdated in the meantime!
Updated several breeds with new additions, and also working on adding new photos to individual pages!
06.14.15. to-do: ALMOST EVERYTHING
06.10.15. to-do: EVERYTHING